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    We focus on positive community and social development projects.

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    Our network of experts span a wide range of alternative energy solutions.

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SolarSolutions Philippines

We're a group of friends and professionals who want to change the world through solar! We all share a passion for solar technologies as well as all sorts of alternative and renewable energy initiatives. We're building a company that will both bring the benefits of these technologies to the world and at the same time have a positive impact on the local community we get involved in. SolarSolutions, Inc. is a social enterprise that provides technical and expert advice on the design and deployment of renewable energy. We design solar energy systems for homes and communities, solar-powered waste water treatment, and undertake Research and Development on solar systems with the goal of improving its efficiency, lowering its cost, and making it available and affordable to more people and communities. Combining a wide range of expertise across different fields, we're pooling out time, talent, and resources to deliver world class alternative energy consulting, research, design, and implementation services to Filipinos.

Sitio Disigisaw, San Ildeonso, Casiguran, Aurora Province Installation

SolarSolutions Inc. with Fr. Jose Francisco Talaban of Bianoan, Casiguran installed a 30 watts off-grid solar energy system in a small community known as “Sitio Disigisaw” in San Ildefonso, Casiguran, Aurora province. Disigisaw is a small community of 57 families with 49 of ... Read more »


Got Heart Goes Solar

We installed a 500-watts grid-tied system at the Got Heart shop in White Plains Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. The Got Heart shop sells organic and naturally produced vegetables from farmers in Tarlac, as well as other products from artists and indigenous communities. Read more »

Health Center and Hospital Installations in Romblon

Simara and Banton Island installation, Romblon SolarSolutions Inc. installed 2 solar power systems in two islands of Romblon with the collaboration of the local government. Both systems are 300-watts which supply power in Malipayon District Hospital Corcuera in Simara Island and also in Banton Health Center in Banton Island when the ... Read more »

Solar Power for Sendong Victims in Iligan

Aison Garcia and Rey Guerrero help out the victims of Typhoon Sendong in Iligan city by installing a solar-powered lighting and water purifying system. [nggallery id=2] Read more »

SolarSolutions Team in Cagayan de Oro Relief Efforts

Members of the SolarSolutions Team: Jun Granada, Nino Uy, and Rey Guerrero help out relief efforts by the Xavier and Ateneo de Manila communities for typhoon Sendong victims in Cagayan de Oro. They deployed a solar-powered water filter unit to help communities in affected barangays access clean drinkable water during ... Read more »